Till Lindemann's Career

Till Lindemann was born in January 4th 1963. He didn’t like school so much, in fact, he was interested in art, specifically in writing and music.  Till joined his friends to play on weekends in ambulant stages with non-professional bands.

In 1988, he started playing drums with his first band called First Arsch, which had a Punk style and recorded an album called “Saddle Up”.  One day, Till played with Richard Kruspe and Paul Landers on stage, Lindemann sang and played bass and they discovered that their whole sound was impressive, so Richard insisted in starting a project where Till could be the singer.

Lindemann left First Arsch and started the project.  Rammstein was the name of the new band; their purpose was to have a characteristic and different sound.  Their original members were Richard Kruspe, Christoph Schneider, Oliver Riedel and Till Lindemann.

These four guys began borrowing musical instruments and without having a specific place to compose, in 1994 decided to send a four-track demo to a contest, they won and had the chance to record in a professional studio. Paul Landers and Christian Lorenz joined the band in this new phase, complementing in a great way the Rammstein concept.

The role that Till Lindemann plays in the creative process of the band is songwriting, activity that he started developing in the early 90’s and keeps doing nowadays, anyway, the other members of the band give their approval before letting a Lindemann lyric be the final version of any song.

Till continued with his passion for writing by publishing a 54 poems book called “Messer” in November 2002.

Till has had several experiences throughout his career in which he had made important decisions like getting prepared as a qualified pyrotechnic, giving the live shows a high safety level and stopped consuming drugs when he realized how bad his physical and mental health had been damaged and affected his professional growth.