Question: If you met Till after a Rammstein concert, what would be your first question to ask?

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Answers (in English)

Kristine Hermansen: You are such a brilliant writer, poet and actor – but still such a down to earth man; So what goes on in your head? What do you think of at night when you are alone?

Aranka van Vliet: What is your biggest desire at the moment?

Karen Louise Pencheon: Why didn’t Hallelujah make it onto the main edition of the Mutter album? It’s brilliant. Oh and would have to tell him I loved all his albums, and him, and he’s inspired me to learn German! X

Malicia Adeline Rosley: What is the first thing you do after a show?

Sylvain Pjt: What job would you do if you never be a singer ?

Marina Cabral: Do you mary me? Lol

Regina Kuipers: I wouldn’t ask; I would just give him a kiss.

Franco Marsh: I would ask him: Do you know how hard it is for me to not leap and hug you right now? So give me at least a handshake and let me talk to you a little bit.

Lara Deniz Yılmaz: What would you do/feel if you were a woman? 

Anna Gennadievna: wanna drink?

Patz Floßdorf: When was the last time you cried? And why?
(….and of course: May I touch your overly manly-mighty breast, please??! )

Mawen Gemma Badii: Do you remember me ?

Marzena Aomame: Are You happy ?

Petra Goláňová: Excuse me, what is it that you are so sexy and everyone just falls in love with you ?

Verrueckt Seidel: When are you going to make your next album?! Do you plan to make another one?

Lisa Muston: It’s been a long journey!

Irina Popa: Amour, amour? :))

Sarah Pursley: Heirate Mich?

Murad Camgoz: Would you like to go for a drink

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Answers (in German)

Sandra Wendel: Wie konntest du nur auf die saudumme Idee kommen mit Heino zu singen?!?!?

Jenni Gehrs: Ich würde ihm gar keine Frage stellen. Denn die meisten Fragen nerven ihn bestimmt total. Entweder weil sie dauernd gestellt werden oder einfach nur stumpfsinnig sind. Ich würde ihm nur sagen, dass seine Songs mir schon oft Kraft bei Problemen und in schweren Lebenslagen gegeben haben. Danke dafür!;-)

Sonja Dornia: Wann gibts wieder mal ein Neues Album?????????????????

Alex Thebeard: Willst ein Bier?

Chris Soap: “Wie ist dein Leben so?”

Gaby Csongvay: Willst du mit mir ,,gehen,,???????