Till Lindemann Interview Questions

till lindemann interview

The question of the day of our Till Lindemann Facebook Page was, “If you had a chance to have an interview with Till Lindemann, what question would you ask him?” Those are the answers from you! Some of them were funny, some were interesting and some of them were deep …

Polina Ipatova Well, we love musicians and their misic etc etc. And we (I talk about girls in general) dream about anything, even about things waist-down blah blah.It’s a common thing haha. I wouldnt ask him about his personal life or relations with women directly, I think it is a big put off for a person interviewed, this information is important to journalists to raise money and play on fan’s nerves. I have three questions, 1st: Have you ever hired/consulted a vocal coach (indeed I am curious about that)? 2nd: What way do you feel better – alone or having a mate (woman) to live with? I don’t ask for names, just curious about preferences of letting someone into your life to get along with. 3rd half-question and half-wish: I like your harsh, typically German low voice and I love the way you sing in a gentle tone. Will you sing a lullaby to me?….. these are mine ) nothing more

Evelyn Justcallme Maleficient First I would tell you how much I admire you. I believe your songs come from the inner soul and would like to talk about that as I have one of those whom is deeply broken and has alot to say. I would like to ask if ever you would do audio books. We love your music but would like to hear your voice in another form. I know for me when you talk in Speiluhr its a voice of an angel that lulls me to sleep. With best regards! Evelyn Pagan USA

Starr Johnson Totally unrelated to his music, but something I always wanted to ask someone who was in the East when it happened. What did it feel like for you when the wall fell? I just remember being a kid and watching it on TV and I always wondered if it felt nearly as magical to the people that were not on the screen, for better or worse, their whole way of life changed, that had to be scary.

Mana Beigi Firstly I’ll tell him how much I admire and respect his art which comes from his pure and innocent heart, then actually I’ve got lots of questions but certainly I will ask him to describe all the intentions and messages behind every story he writes in each song lyrics! I believe He is one of the people understands the meaning of life!

Daniela Kasprowicz will you marry me?

Kristine Hermansen What goes on in your mind, since you’re so deep?

Tdm Kixx Starr Johnson

Well, I was a child there in the “east”. as a young teenager you don’t really have own opinion about all that and you just do what your parents do (like always children are doing). and yes, there was a happiness in the air, something big and new happened to us! “freedom” was all around. it was mindblowing, beautiful, sad … everything!

and now we have another thing here called european union … but this is just another story! … and it sucks …

good luck to us all!

So Phia What means your music, your lyrics to you?

Fermina Dasa It’s more a fun fact I want to share with him: Herzeleid was released on 29 September, my birthday. Coincidence? I don’t think so. 🙂

Cheryl Adrienne Didur If I was guaranteed a straight answer, I would ask him what really happened to get him kicked off the swim team in 1978…

Peto Marmitta May I prepare and serve you coffee and breakfast in the morning?

Paul Swampy Manimal Collins If you were to eat Mein Teil, what part would you really eat first? (Editor’s note: LOL)

Glen Meti Wohin gehst du wohin?

Carina Guimarães Why so perfect ?

Ellen Heiman “Shall we shag now or shall we shag later?”

Peto Marmitta do you have coffee in the morning?

Bec Calvert I would ask him if he has thought about writing an autobiography about his journey from childhood to fame.. I know he loves his mother, she would be an interesting person to know about. The book would be a great read.

Barbara Mundell I would be too start struck to ask anything. But I’d love to thank him for all the band has meant to me.

Regina Kuipers Whit which band or person would you like to perform ? Even though that person is no longer alive ?

Jeanette Gangl What inspires you, to do what you do?

María Atiktimporta McNorton If you dint have Rammstein in your life, what would you be doing?

Gosia Allison-Kosior What would you like to get to drink?

Thomas Grogan I would ask about his time as an Olympic swimmer

Malicia Adeline Rosley Something like: how do you write your songs, what inspires you?

Martin Enten Georg In sight to your amazing being….which age of time would U live in? Newage, Middleage,….?
Because your sights, that U are singing to us, can not be out of our Age of time.