How is Rammstein unique? [Answers]

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We asked you the question ”How is Rammstein unique?” in our Till Lindemann page. Those are the answers chosen by our editors.
Thank your awesome answers!
Polina Ipatova It’s been about 17 years since I heard Rammstein on the radio for the first time. Listening to rockbands in sweet age of 15 I gave priority to erotic attraction and music drive. Now I am woman of 29 having a child and my love to Rammstein band and Till in particular has grown into some different feeling. Mocking at political issues, turning our sinful world up side down in creative form of story-telling is brilliant! Now I look at these 6 guys like at up-buttoned professionals, performers creative to the maximum, all-purpose actors and still the hottest men ever. Intelligence is hot… THEY know it and keep us all hypnotised under their powerful energy of Lust, Pain and Love. Stoert die Rue, die ganze Welt braucht es!
Stephanie Posey What Rammstein does is an art. Each song they do has a special meaning and when they perform on stage they always do something different but also something that honors the song..and I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m tired of seeing people like Miley Cyrus on EVERY single magazine cover for doing what?? Being a slut on stage? Rammstein worked hard to get where they are today and it just seems like now a days they let just ANYONE sing lol. Id much rather see Rammstein on magazines than anyone else
Sierra Lord real lyrics written by the sexiest poet in the world with the sexiest voice in the world with the best sound in the world. American music is garbage.
Lorena León Jaramillo Their sound is strong, particular, you can always recognize them. I love their pyrotechnics at concerts, too. I saw them at the Castello Scaligero in Verona 2 or 3 years ago and it has been really amazing. Great show!
Eric Adolfo Ortiz Garcia The way they connect with you, even if you don’t know what the lyrics mean, The voice of the lead singer, the way the instruments are played, the melodies, they cut through you and fill you up, they way they present themselves, and they make you like them even before you know who they are. And when you know who they are, and you see their videos, and the live concert recordings; and you see what they do, you just can’t help but love them and their art, their way of expressing it. And then; you experience a concert yourself, and they blow you out of this world, and you leave that concert loving them more, and thinking ” that was the best concert I have ever seen in my life “
Aron Jordan Scott fuck you we’re German and we kick ass that is all. (Editor’s note: LOL)
Gary Prescott The fact that they are an assault on the senses,you can see,hear,smell and feel them,greatest live act ever,and in the studio f**king superb.
Dean Warren Skull crushing guitar riffs and awesome live show been on every tour since mutter
Elena de Grimani Till is pure passion, with all the light and shadows that this means. And he don’t hide any white or black shades of this.
That makes him unique, and his writings (both in songs and poems) becomes a living experience for the reader.
Renée-Claude Morin They have the balls to sing in their own language even if the market would ask otherwise! And of course germanic tongues sound so freakin sexy and viril …ehehehe. Their videoclips are very strong symbolicaly and they dont mind ridiculizing themselves like in ‘Keine lust, …sorry for the spelling..i am french!
Camilla Rocha Every live presentation is unique, they always have something new to show or perform, unlike other bands you see around. Rammstein’s live performance is spectacular, with the pyrotechnics, costumes, sex appeal and everything else. Rammstein is uneven
Alex Haifisch Kanon Worley Rammstein works so hard on their live performances, and their lyric content is of the highest quality; for example most songs tell an intricate fairy tale story or convey a specific type of emotion, and those emotions range from unrequited love to sexual lust to blatant hate. They explore dark parts of the human experience and do so artistically in a raw way.
Merve Işık The other metal groups have not got Till Lindemann!!
ZynischeWirklichkeit Seidel I love how Rammstein doesn’t give in to the pressure of society. They continue to sing in German. They also push things to the edge. Rammstein has the balls to sing about whatever they want. Rammstein started my interest in learning German. I love the vocals. They can sound so calm one minute to so powerful the next.
Jan Steel Through their music they bring all the nations of the World together like no other Band can, they have the best and most devoted fans, we may not know how to speak German, but we can certainly sing it. They are not just musicians, they are Artists, their Stage presence is magnetic, they grab your attention and keep it there. No 2 Concerts are the same. They respect their fans so much. Forget all the crap that has been said about them over the years, to be open about sex, lust, porn is just being human. The Band are attractive to both Men and Women and that is what we need today, acceptance of all kinds of love, remember “Liebe ist für alle da!”.

Mafer Herrera It Turn’s you ON .. that’s it

John Thomas Barnes One thing that I really notice about Rammstein and how they stand out AND above most bands is the fact that they are CONSTANTLY working and producing material. These guys have some of my all time fav music videos too, they have so many conceot videos and NONE of them are stupid or cheesy!! Rammstein is my fav industrial metal band because of their EXTREME work ethic coupled with their INTENSE expression of our world today via the stage!! RAMMSTEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tuğrul Yılmaz Idea of fun, madness. Meaning of our philosophy. There r lots of things to say. Only one word isnt enough guyz. When i listen r+ songs i feel great and then the world starts to turn around me. Who can explain exactly our philosophy ha.
Lou Croft Rammsteins music and Tills vocals work across all languages even if you don’t speak German. it is emotional and powerful
Kathy Dunne The intensity of the songs….The complex and intricate music…The entertaining and amazing stage presence….And their way of speaking to the soul in any life situation…and finally, because it’s FUCKING FUN!!
Amira Moon Everything. The lyrics, the performances, the power behind Till’s voice & every guitar chord, drum beat & keyboard note. No other band can TOUCH the amazing beauty & perfection that is Rammstein!
Jean Johnston They give 150% to their fans and it is reciprocated by people all over the world. They appeal to different genders, ages, ethnicity. They are entertaining at an unbelievable level. All that and they absolutely ooze sex. I love them and feel so fortunate to have found their music in my life.
Rosalie Kaitlin They are consistently unafraid, not just of disturbing subjects but even of being silly. I respect their fearlessness above all others.
Martin Enten Georg Because Rammstein is not only music. 
I´ve showed it to my mother, as she once asked me: You´re listening to Rammstein, aren´t they Nazis as I´ve read in some newspapers?
I told her that they are not, and played for her the songs “Ohne dich” and “Du riechst so gut”.
She reads a lot of books, bestseller even like old literature….since I´ve told her what these songs are about, she´s an absolute Fan. Not of all Rammstein Songs, but most of these that have more lyrics.
She´s classifying Till Lindemann right to Goethe or Schiller.

U just need to listen…
Nancy Gauthier Till = Real Alpha Man and not afraid to show his profound soul emotion and smash it. The Band = A very remarkable musicians, they always give their best and on the right timing, you can feel that they like what they doing and appreciate their live as musicians. They are not boarded and neither egotistical, and the keyboard is incredibly an amazing genius. The Music/Songs = Good Release, you just want to pop-out the volume and let it blow your mind… J’adore
Charles Ruth Every album has it’s own feel. Further instruments are added to create a mood not commonly found in metal.