How is Rammstein important for their fans? [Answers]

                                                                                       Image by Giulia Roser

We asked you the question ”How is Rammstein important for you?” in our Till Lindemann Facebook page. Those are the answers chosen by our editors. There are lovely, motivational, funny and deep responses by you. Thank you for those answers and we wish you a day full of Rammstein!

Marsha Robeson To see that question, “How is Rammstein important for you?” I knew I couldn’t let it go by without answering. I first heard Du Hast back in 1997 or about and I immediately loved it. It had an awesome beat and just the right amount of “hard” that I like in my rock music. Rammstein became one of my new favorite bands then. Fast forward years later and my brother, Danny Maurice, got into Rammstein too. Even though I am 9 yrs older than him, we both liked the same music, a lot of it from the 90’s. To us, my brother and I, it wasn’t just about the sound but what the lyrics conveyed to us. The feeling and emotion that is projected with certain songs, along with the words, is something that each person owns. Rammstein became my brothers all time favorite band. He bought the CD’s, Videos, and he even learned to speak and write German. He shared with me all about the bands lives, their marriages, etc. They played such a huge part in his life. I would say he was a number one fan! We played his all time favorite song at his memorial last year, Sehnsucht. Danny would have laughed because when the music began to play, the pastor turned around and had this look of disbelief on his face like “Did the funeral director put on the wrong music?” I knew Danny was pleased and he was rockin to it somewhere. So why is Rammstein important for me? Rammstein is not just a band I love but they are a link to the life my brother had. His love of music and his love of an awesome band, they are one to me now. I can never think of Danny without thinking of Rammstein and I can never think of Rammstein without remembering Danny. Their music is something we enjoyed and shared. Rammstein was a part of our daily lives and will forever be present in the memories of my past and future. That’s why Rammstein is so important TO me.
Thaddeus Berry Rammstein, helps me get through my 10 hour work days.
Malte Wißdorf Rammstein on, World off
Cody LeBlanc Rammstein gets me through the long days of school and work. Can’t live without it!
Belinda Dewar Helps to brighten my day with their music!
Florian Samadan Rammstein isn´t just a Band. Rammstein is a sense of live and pure emotion. Every single word is meant honestly and awesome! The best german AND international band ever! Along these lines: “Blitzkrieg mit dem Fleischgewehr!”

Laura Conrad Thanks to Rammstein, I met my husband.

Susie Dixon He can knock forty of my sixty years off within minutes of playing his music…better than any plastic surgeon in the world!

Tamara Brajović Rammstein is one of the reasons I started learning german language… Jetzt ist deutsche Kultur meine beliebteste!!! \,,/,

Maria Spalding Thanks to Rammstein, I decided to learn German!

Mary Roth when i was 5 my dad every day listen Amerika. now, I was 16 and I every day listen each Rammstein’s songs ! so rammstein is the most important for me ‘couse that’s music of my childhood

Brina Kren Rammstein is like a personal drug to me… Whenever I’m sad,happy,broken or in a great mood they upgrade everything. Their music sends me to my happy place and I feel joy. Oh, and the music,lyrics are mind breaking and breath taking!
Anonymous Rammstein helped me keep my head up and be strong through a hard time  Since then my love for the band just have grown! There is just so much to it – so emotional and breathtaking.

Suzanne Kass-Bergeron Rammstein is so very important to me. I’ve raised my kids on their music, their music inspired me to improve my German, they inspired my son to learn to play guitar like Paul and Richard, my daughter to play bass like Ollie, and my husband to finally agree to a trip to Germany. Rammstein music dominates a good part of my life

Brianna Mckenzie Rammstein is important for me because it helps release my feelings when I am upset
Anders Larsson Rammstein is My familys favorites. We have been seeing them since Metal Town in 2006 when I put my then 8 year old son on top of a garbage can in the middle of the crowd until Bråvalla this year. They really deliver everytime and respect us fans. Big Love!

Heather Groven Ohne Dich is my wedding song! That makes them exponentially more important!!! I’ve shared my love of Rammstein with my hubby since finding out we both had all their albums in 2008 when we met. We’ve seen them live together twice and nothing would have fit our wedding better. I love Rammstein!

Michelle Twidwell The soundtrack to my life!

Jamie CosworthClown Mackenzie truthfully, it made me see Germans in a different light….yes i am the British guy that thought all Germans were still Nazi’s, sorry….so Rammstein made me relies they are not.

Barbara Mundell They gave me back my anger, my indignation, my strength, my power and fiercness at a time where Id lost everything to the worlds brutality. Im a fan, gratefully, forever. And Im an old woman. Id like to be their Fairy God Mother.

Johanna von Rothenburg I grew up with that band and I love them since I am 6 years old. It is not only the music it is a feeling. Rammstein let me remember the wonderful days of my childhood. My family loves Rammstein and the greatest thing is that my boyfriend loves Rammstein the same way as I do. To show how that guys really teached me what good music and great shows mean Ive got the logo tattood on my right arm. Rammstein is like the lyrics of Rammlied ” eine Legende”! I love them

Jarkko Jake Kivisalo I was working in “old” east germany in 1998 – 2004 and your music just hit me very hard with attitude, words and hard playing  (i am from Finland)

Margaret Cain Rammstein pumps my body and makes me happy…….they are the best natural drug ever.

Jacqueline M. Hines Rammstein has inspired me to work through the creative obstacles of being a practicing artist, be it visually, musically, or even aesthetically. One of the few bands that I can say that has and continues to inspire me are these six lovely German fellows.

Eric Swanepoel Rammstein is the reason why I as a South African fell in love with Germany and now speak Germany as a 3rd language.
Rosalie Kaitlin Their music makes me feel like a child again, listening to Grimm’s fairy tales. It’s a safe place to experience the darker side of humanity. And it makes me feel less guilty for natural human emotions and drives. It’s emotionally touching.
Anuschka Mesman listening to rammstein calmed me down when i had to deal with my husbands ptss when he came back from aghanistan. i listened to them a lot when i was pregnant and their music has the same effect on my daughter. it calms her down. she also likes te dance on it. thank you rammstein for making great music!

Stephanie Posey I listen to them on a daily basis, I hear their music and feel and know their words they are saying. They have inspired me to learn their language. I am a much stronger person because of them. I used to be a less outspoken person and would let others run over me but they give me the strength I need to stand up and push back. Their music is apart of my soul and always will be and when I hear them I feel complete. I saw them live and it was an amazing show and I do hope they come back to Texas soon. Thank you: Till, Richard, Paul, Oliver, Flake and Christoph for making such awesome music

Artem Sidrovich Rammstein shaped and pioneered an aesthetic, just like Laibach did before them. The art of bands like these unifies people from all walks of life. My first concert was Rammstein and it was a powerful experience to sing along the lyrics in German with thousands of other people who I knew I had at least one thing in common with.

Bec Calvert Rammstien are a totally unique and addictive sound. They can be soft and hardcore. And a bunch if Dam good looking eye candy.

Don Dehn i never knew they existed, untill i saw triple x with vin diesel, i heard the opening song by rammstein and had to find out who that band was, i have listen to them ever since, i totally love all thier songs, i am 50 years old, and very picky about what i listen to, rammstein will have a loyal fan forever,
Amy Kolterman My cousin, my family
Mel Smith They work hard and still as a band of strong minded men.. I respect them for that and they My idols. Danke.
Sudarshan Chetlur They are fearless, they are natural, they are just what everybody dreams of being – just simple human beings telling the truth. And truth is harsh…. indigestible!

Simi Danielle When i listen to Rammstein, i miss my daughter. She lives with her father at the moment. it takes me back to her headbanging to the music videos and repeating some of the lyrics she could understand. She is my little Rocker Baby , she basically grew up with Mommy always listening to it in the background. Even when i was pregnant, i sat outside the Stadium when Rammstein was in South-Africa.. i couldn’t go to the actual concert because i had a big belly then and would take a chance with her, but even sitting outside listening, i could feel her kicking inside my belly. Those used to be the happy day.