How did fans meet Rammstein's music? – Answers (EN)

a rammstein fan

Joan Hexe: I didn’t meet Rammstein’s music.. It flew through the air, bit into my brain with it’s massive, sharp teeth and proceeded to shake the fuck out of me until every sense in my body screamed.. how could I resist ?

Madyson Blair I first listened to Rammstein when I was nine years old—my friend showed me the song Mutter, and I felt an instant, deep emotional attraction to the band that I had never felt for anything before. Ten years later, I revisited their music while exploring the main villain of my novel series (who I knew had lost his mother) and came upon the song Mutter again only to feel the exact same emotional effect full circle…as if I always knew on an unconscious level that the song and the band itself was meant to hold deep meaning for me.

Naomi Morrow: Sharing a house at uni with an East German girl called Nicole, she lent me the first two albums and I played them to death! I told her that I would buy them but she said that I would have to get them from Germany, I went into Cardiff and found them both, plus a tshirt…she was really excited that the band had become so popular in the UK…we went clubbing in Bogiz niteclub and they played Du Hast we both went nuts! Been a massive fan ever since! that was back in 1998!

Danny Johnson: I typed “The best music video in the world” into youtube and the Keine Lust video came out at the top of the list. Been hooked ever since.
Violetta Malaparte As a child I fell in love with a song and I wondered for such a long time how was it named. Many years later I found out it was Engel. Last summer I started studying German, and Rammstein lyrics are perfect to improve my grammar and vocabulary. Ich liebe euch

Jacqueline M. Hines: Had an interesting Mythology class where we could study any subject related to Human Psychology. I chose (the subject) “Cannibalism” and it’s no surprise that within minutes of researching via the internet, I was introduced to the music video and backstory for Mein Teil. Well, let’s say that I became completely consumed by Rammstein’s music after that, especially in terms of subject matter. Rammstein just has this right kind of intelligent, dark humored and thought provoking presence in both their music and lyrics that made me such a devoted a fan.

Petr Krtek Kratochvíl: The first cd, Herzeleid. and then it all went alone . impact comes and Clawfinger concert in Prague in 1995 and were the support band Rammstein.

Lars Kivistö: Year 2002 in Helsinki sexhibition! One fat and ugly stripper dance on stage. I see later that stripper and i asked that what song is playing while you dance? And she say Rammstein Sonne!

Rhiannon Price: My boyfriend introduced me to them! At first I wasn’t that keen, but later on I really started to love them one of my main highlights of 2013 was meeting them in person at Download Festival!!!

Jean-Pierre Gruest: At a wedding party !

Jodie Blakey: First heard them from the Xxx film and was addicted, so much so that I turned my son into a Rammstein fan as well!
Anuschka Mesman my friends introduced me with rammstein when my husband served in afghanistan. it helped me through the hard times and long after. my daughter heard rammstein in my womb and she still loves it!!! she is 6 years now : )

Michael Reedy: I was Back in middle school, had listen to a couple of the songs, then i lost the music i had from my computer. Then in high school my friend said ” have you ever heard of this band call Rammstein.” I was like yes i heard of them and i was looking for the music from them. Hooked back on them ever since.

Natasha Roels: First song I heard from Rammstein was Heirate Mich through my man, he is addicted to Rammstein. At first didn’t like the music at all. But listening more to his music and lyrics and seeing them live at Werchter last hear made me an addict. Rammstein means alots to me emotionally.

Pankaj Singh: After a difficult break up I was browsing for some hard ass music to work out on , I found Rammstein’s – Engel , since that day Rammstein has become my work out music and part of my Aggression and Agony . <3

Patrycja Borowiec: My dad when I was little, turning it on their songs because otherwise I could not sleep. In the evenings we sat in a room and listened to them for hours. I was maybe five years. Thanks, Dad! XD

Celina Valentino: When i was 8 years old, in year 2005, my dad always listened to them. And one day he told me, that they released a new Song. Rosenrot. I’m so in love with roses and the colour red. He said I’ll love the song. First time i listened to the song i felt in love. Rosenrot is still my fav song !

Viviane Steininger: I fell in love with a guy who loves Rammstein so I started listen and I loved it>> /m/ <<<

Frédéric Quesnot: I don’t remember, it was my destiny

Seto Pramudita: watched ‘benzin’ videoclip and just know it this band is a bang!!

Gabriela Simionescu: My boyfriend was listening to rammstein all the time in his car. It drived me crazy until i started to love them and then i went to a concert and they became one of my favorite bands. Love them

Paul Eaton: offshore in the atlantic ocean, the ONLY tape on the boat was Rammstein and we were to far away for radiostations…..I fell in love that day! TYVM

Elisza Beth: Mein herz brennt….. In a car, long long time ago with someone special….

Christopher Olson: Du Hast when it was released in America.

Peter Kruisman: Fortarock 2013.

Chris Schutz: watching the movie ”The Lost Highway”, then I bort the sound track to the moive and it went from there.

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