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  • How did fans meet Rammstein’s music? – Answers (EN) How did fans meet Rammstein’s music? – Answers (EN)
    Joan Hexe: I didn’t meet Rammstein’s music.. It flew through the air, bit into my brain with it’s massive, sharp teeth and proceeded to shake the fuck out of me until every sense in my body screamed.. how could I resist ? Madyson Blair I first listened to Rammstein when I was nine years old—my friend showed me the song Mutter, and I felt an instant, deep emotional attraction to the band that I had never felt for anything before. Ten years later, I revisited their music while exploring the main villain of my novel series (who I knew...
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  • GER: Wie haben die fans mit Rammsteins musik getroffen? GER: Wie haben die fans mit Rammsteins musik getroffen?
    Kerrigan Raynor: Mit 11 Jahren habe ich das erste mal das Lied “Feuer frei” gehört in dem Film tripple X. Till seine Performance und auch der Rest der Band, war einfach nur atemberaubend auch wenn diese nur kurz war! Till Seine Augen so lieb im Gegensatz zu manchen seiner Wort gewählten Texte, oder wie präzise er sich bewegt, es hat einfach alles gepasst! Diese Songs von ihnen bewegen einen und bleiben einem im Gedächtnis! So wurde sie zu meiner Lieblings Band und ist es immernoch! <3 Timo Krok: Als ich 10 war hat der freund meiner mutter Haifisch auf...
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  • Till Lindemann Interview Questions Till Lindemann Interview Questions
    The question of the day of our Till Lindemann Facebook Page was, “If you had a chance to have an interview with Till Lindemann, what question would you ask him?” Those are the answers from you! Some of them were funny, some were interesting and some of them were deep … Polina Ipatova Well, we love musicians and their misic etc etc. And we (I talk about girls in general) dream about anything, even about things waist-down blah blah.It’s a common thing haha. I wouldnt ask him about his personal life or relations with women directly, I think it is...
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  • How is Rammstein unique? [Answers] How is Rammstein unique? [Answers]
    We asked you the question ”How is Rammstein unique?” in our Till Lindemann page. Those are the answers chosen by our editors. Thank your awesome answers! Polina Ipatova It’s been about 17 years since I heard Rammstein on the radio for the first time. Listening to rockbands in sweet age of 15 I gave priority to erotic attraction and music drive. Now I am woman of 29 having a child and my love to Rammstein band and Till in particular has grown into some different feeling. Mocking at political issues, turning our sinful world up side down in creative form of...
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  • Till Lindemann’s Biography [Hidden Years] Till Lindemann’s Biography [Hidden Years]
    Till is a very private person. He shares very few details (just frustratingly general statements) about his life in interviews, so whether one is looking for information about his life now, or trying to find out about his past, one must become a bit of a detective. There is only a span of about eight years between Till’s return home after being expelled from boarding school and his swimming career in 1978, and his first foray into the music scene in about 1986. While this isn’t a very long time, the teen years and early twenties are often very...
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  • How is Rammstein important for their fans? [Answers] How is Rammstein important for their fans? [Answers]
                                                                                           Image by Giulia Roser We asked you the question ”How is Rammstein important for you?” in our Till Lindemann Facebook page. Those are the answers chosen by our editors. There are lovely, motivational, funny and deep responses by you. Thank you for those answers and we wish you a day full of Rammstein! Marsha Robeson To see...
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  • Till Lindemann's mother Till Lindemann’s Childhood and School Days
    ”Till Lindemann’s Life” Part I – Childhood and School Days Childhood In the spring of 1959, at the first Bitterfelder Konferenz, a young poet named Werner Lindemann (1926-1993) met the woman who would soon become his wife.  Her name was Brigitte Hildegarde (last name has eluded all efforts to track it down), better known to all as Gitta, already an accomplished writer and journalist.  Gitta recalled in a 2011 interview with Radio Audition that Werner constantly gazed at her during the presentation, and that he invited her to coffee afterwards.  Other details of their courtship are unknown, as is...
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  • Stefan’s Concert Experience Stefan’s Concert Experience
    Rammstein Rammstein Rammstein… I will never be able to forget that day when the crowd was screaming their names with absolute power and awe… it was a moment where I stood still and tried to vision that this might be a dream, but then my friend bumped into me and the fact that it is real became truth… This band has been one of the bands I’ve dreamt of seeing live, and never did I knew that they will be setting feet on my home country… at first, I thought it was a joke, then I checked the internet…...
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  • Till Lindemann’s Career Till Lindemann’s Career
    Till Lindemann was born in January 4th 1963. He didn’t like school so much, in fact, he was interested in art, specifically in writing and music.  Till joined his friends to play on weekends in ambulant stages with non-professional bands. In 1988, he started playing drums with his first band called First Arsch, which had a Punk style and recorded an album called “Saddle Up”.  One day, Till played with Richard Kruspe and Paul Landers on stage, Lindemann sang and played bass and they discovered that their whole sound was impressive, so Richard insisted in starting a project where Till could...
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