Question: If you met Till after a Rammstein concert, what would be your first question to ask?

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Answers (in English)

Kristine Hermansen: You are such a brilliant writer, poet and actor – but still such a down to earth man; So what goes on in your head? What do you think of at night when you are alone?

Aranka van Vliet: What is your biggest desire at the moment?

Karen Louise Pencheon: Why didn’t Hallelujah make it onto the main edition of the Mutter album? It’s brilliant. Oh and would have to tell him I loved all his albums, and him, and he’s inspired me to learn German! X

Malicia Adeline Rosley: What is the first thing you do after a show?

Sylvain Pjt: What job would you do if you never be a singer ?

Marina Cabral: Do you mary me? Lol

Regina Kuipers: I wouldn’t ask; I would just give him a kiss.

Franco Marsh: I would ask him: Do you know how hard it is for me to not leap and hug you right now? So give me at least a handshake and let me talk to you a little bit.

Lara Deniz Yılmaz: What would you do/feel if you were a woman? 

Anna Gennadievna: wanna drink?

Patz Floßdorf: When was the last time you cried? And why?
(….and of course: May I touch your overly manly-mighty breast, please??! )

Mawen Gemma Badii: Do you remember me ?

Marzena Aomame: Are You happy ?

Petra Goláňová: Excuse me, what is it that you are so sexy and everyone just falls in love with you ?

Verrueckt Seidel: When are you going to make your next album?! Do you plan to make another one?

Lisa Muston: It’s been a long journey!

Irina Popa: Amour, amour? :))

Sarah Pursley: Heirate Mich?

Murad Camgoz: Would you like to go for a drink

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Answers (in German)

Sandra Wendel: Wie konntest du nur auf die saudumme Idee kommen mit Heino zu singen?!?!?

Jenni Gehrs: Ich würde ihm gar keine Frage stellen. Denn die meisten Fragen nerven ihn bestimmt total. Entweder weil sie dauernd gestellt werden oder einfach nur stumpfsinnig sind. Ich würde ihm nur sagen, dass seine Songs mir schon oft Kraft bei Problemen und in schweren Lebenslagen gegeben haben. Danke dafür!;-)

Sonja Dornia: Wann gibts wieder mal ein Neues Album?????????????????

Alex Thebeard: Willst ein Bier?

Chris Soap: “Wie ist dein Leben so?”

Gaby Csongvay: Willst du mit mir ,,gehen,,???????

How did fans meet Rammstein’s music? – Answers (EN)

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Joan Hexe: I didn’t meet Rammstein’s music.. It flew through the air, bit into my brain with it’s massive, sharp teeth and proceeded to shake the fuck out of me until every sense in my body screamed.. how could I resist ?

Madyson Blair I first listened to Rammstein when I was nine years old—my friend showed me the song Mutter, and I felt an instant, deep emotional attraction to the band that I had never felt for anything before. Ten years later, I revisited their music while exploring the main villain of my novel series (who I knew had lost his mother) and came upon the song Mutter again only to feel the exact same emotional effect full circle…as if I always knew on an unconscious level that the song and the band itself was meant to hold deep meaning for me.

Naomi Morrow: Sharing a house at uni with an East German girl called Nicole, she lent me the first two albums and I played them to death! I told her that I would buy them but she said that I would have to get them from Germany, I went into Cardiff and found them both, plus a tshirt…she was really excited that the band had become so popular in the UK…we went clubbing in Bogiz niteclub and they played Du Hast we both went nuts! Been a massive fan ever since! that was back in 1998!

Danny Johnson: I typed “The best music video in the world” into youtube and the Keine Lust video came out at the top of the list. Been hooked ever since.
Violetta Malaparte As a child I fell in love with a song and I wondered for such a long time how was it named. Many years later I found out it was Engel. Last summer I started studying German, and Rammstein lyrics are perfect to improve my grammar and vocabulary. Ich liebe euch

Jacqueline M. Hines: Had an interesting Mythology class where we could study any subject related to Human Psychology. I chose (the subject) “Cannibalism” and it’s no surprise that within minutes of researching via the internet, I was introduced to the music video and backstory for Mein Teil. Well, let’s say that I became completely consumed by Rammstein’s music after that, especially in terms of subject matter. Rammstein just has this right kind of intelligent, dark humored and thought provoking presence in both their music and lyrics that made me such a devoted a fan.

Petr Krtek Kratochvíl: The first cd, Herzeleid. and then it all went alone . impact comes and Clawfinger concert in Prague in 1995 and were the support band Rammstein.

Lars Kivistö: Year 2002 in Helsinki sexhibition! One fat and ugly stripper dance on stage. I see later that stripper and i asked that what song is playing while you dance? And she say Rammstein Sonne!

Rhiannon Price: My boyfriend introduced me to them! At first I wasn’t that keen, but later on I really started to love them one of my main highlights of 2013 was meeting them in person at Download Festival!!!

Jean-Pierre Gruest: At a wedding party !

Jodie Blakey: First heard them from the Xxx film and was addicted, so much so that I turned my son into a Rammstein fan as well!
Anuschka Mesman my friends introduced me with rammstein when my husband served in afghanistan. it helped me through the hard times and long after. my daughter heard rammstein in my womb and she still loves it!!! she is 6 years now : )

Michael Reedy: I was Back in middle school, had listen to a couple of the songs, then i lost the music i had from my computer. Then in high school my friend said ” have you ever heard of this band call Rammstein.” I was like yes i heard of them and i was looking for the music from them. Hooked back on them ever since.

Natasha Roels: First song I heard from Rammstein was Heirate Mich through my man, he is addicted to Rammstein. At first didn’t like the music at all. But listening more to his music and lyrics and seeing them live at Werchter last hear made me an addict. Rammstein means alots to me emotionally.

Pankaj Singh: After a difficult break up I was browsing for some hard ass music to work out on , I found Rammstein’s – Engel , since that day Rammstein has become my work out music and part of my Aggression and Agony . <3

Patrycja Borowiec: My dad when I was little, turning it on their songs because otherwise I could not sleep. In the evenings we sat in a room and listened to them for hours. I was maybe five years. Thanks, Dad! XD

Celina Valentino: When i was 8 years old, in year 2005, my dad always listened to them. And one day he told me, that they released a new Song. Rosenrot. I’m so in love with roses and the colour red. He said I’ll love the song. First time i listened to the song i felt in love. Rosenrot is still my fav song !

Viviane Steininger: I fell in love with a guy who loves Rammstein so I started listen and I loved it>> /m/ <<<

Frédéric Quesnot: I don’t remember, it was my destiny

Seto Pramudita: watched ‘benzin’ videoclip and just know it this band is a bang!!

Gabriela Simionescu: My boyfriend was listening to rammstein all the time in his car. It drived me crazy until i started to love them and then i went to a concert and they became one of my favorite bands. Love them

Paul Eaton: offshore in the atlantic ocean, the ONLY tape on the boat was Rammstein and we were to far away for radiostations…..I fell in love that day! TYVM

Elisza Beth: Mein herz brennt….. In a car, long long time ago with someone special….

Christopher Olson: Du Hast when it was released in America.

Peter Kruisman: Fortarock 2013.

Chris Schutz: watching the movie ”The Lost Highway”, then I bort the sound track to the moive and it went from there.

There is also a post where German answers were featured.

GER: Wie haben die fans mit Rammsteins musik getroffen?

german rammstein fans
Kerrigan Raynor: Mit 11 Jahren habe ich das erste mal das Lied “Feuer frei” gehört in dem Film tripple X.
Till seine Performance und auch der Rest der Band, war einfach nur atemberaubend auch wenn diese nur kurz war! Till Seine Augen so lieb im Gegensatz zu manchen seiner Wort gewählten Texte, oder wie präzise er sich bewegt, es hat einfach alles gepasst! Diese Songs von ihnen bewegen einen und bleiben einem im Gedächtnis! So wurde sie zu meiner Lieblings Band und ist es immernoch! <3

Timo Krok: Als ich 10 war hat der freund meiner mutter Haifisch auf einer party angemacht ich mochte das lied so gern das ich es auf youtube versucht habe zu finden und habte es lange heimlich gehört weil ich wusste das ich das eig nicht hören durfte und bald habe ich nach mehr gesucht heute bin ich 16 und habe 28 lieblingslieder

Bella Triks: Ich weiß nicht mehr, wie alt ich war, aber ich war noch Grundschülerin. Ich sah das “Engel”-Video und fand es eklig, wie Flake den Fuß von der Frau im Mund hatte. Und den Text habe ich nicht verstanden. Aber dieser Gitarrensound hat mir Gänsehaut verpasst. Alle weiteren Songs habe ich aufmerksam angehört und bin immer wieder an den Texten gescheitert.
Erst Jahre später, inzwischen großer Fan von schwerer Gitarrenmusik, packte es mich mit voller Wucht. Es war bei ‘Reise Reise’. Seitdem bin ich hin und weg. Bis jetzt hatte ich noch nie die Gelegenheit, die Band live zu sehen.

Maximilian Rudingsdorfer: Mit 11 Jahren auf Viva Engel ♡
Seitdem immer wenn ich einfach abschalten muss einfach perfekt in jeder lebenslage
Klavier beste ^^

Christin Schmidt: Wenn ich zeit zum Nachdenken brauche höre ich gerne Rammstein….die Musik ist tiefgründig. ..!

Debbie Schmidt: Ich habe mit 4 Jahren das Album sehnsucht als Kassette zum einschlafen gehört.. Ich liebe euch.

Sigdrifa Valkyrja: Durch meinen bruder …da war ich noch klein und hab immer geheult….nja dann später hab ich es lieben gelernt… Meine 7 jährige Tochter geht da voll drauf ab… Vorallem Engel singt sie voll gern mit.

Aljoscha Juntes: Ich war mit 6 jahren auf YouTube habe mir videos angeschaut und dann war auf der rechten seite Rammstein Feuer Frei und seitdem meine Eltern haben es mir dann anfangs verboten habe mir dann heimlich das album Rosenrot gekauft:)


Till Lindemann Interview Questions

till lindemann interview

The question of the day of our Till Lindemann Facebook Page was, “If you had a chance to have an interview with Till Lindemann, what question would you ask him?” Those are the answers from you! Some of them were funny, some were interesting and some of them were deep …

Polina Ipatova Well, we love musicians and their misic etc etc. And we (I talk about girls in general) dream about anything, even about things waist-down blah blah.It’s a common thing haha. I wouldnt ask him about his personal life or relations with women directly, I think it is a big put off for a person interviewed, this information is important to journalists to raise money and play on fan’s nerves. I have three questions, 1st: Have you ever hired/consulted a vocal coach (indeed I am curious about that)? 2nd: What way do you feel better – alone or having a mate (woman) to live with? I don’t ask for names, just curious about preferences of letting someone into your life to get along with. 3rd half-question and half-wish: I like your harsh, typically German low voice and I love the way you sing in a gentle tone. Will you sing a lullaby to me?….. these are mine ) nothing more

Evelyn Justcallme Maleficient First I would tell you how much I admire you. I believe your songs come from the inner soul and would like to talk about that as I have one of those whom is deeply broken and has alot to say. I would like to ask if ever you would do audio books. We love your music but would like to hear your voice in another form. I know for me when you talk in Speiluhr its a voice of an angel that lulls me to sleep. With best regards! Evelyn Pagan USA

Starr Johnson Totally unrelated to his music, but something I always wanted to ask someone who was in the East when it happened. What did it feel like for you when the wall fell? I just remember being a kid and watching it on TV and I always wondered if it felt nearly as magical to the people that were not on the screen, for better or worse, their whole way of life changed, that had to be scary.

Mana Beigi Firstly I’ll tell him how much I admire and respect his art which comes from his pure and innocent heart, then actually I’ve got lots of questions but certainly I will ask him to describe all the intentions and messages behind every story he writes in each song lyrics! I believe He is one of the people understands the meaning of life!

Daniela Kasprowicz will you marry me?

Kristine Hermansen What goes on in your mind, since you’re so deep?

Tdm Kixx Starr Johnson

Well, I was a child there in the “east”. as a young teenager you don’t really have own opinion about all that and you just do what your parents do (like always children are doing). and yes, there was a happiness in the air, something big and new happened to us! “freedom” was all around. it was mindblowing, beautiful, sad … everything!

and now we have another thing here called european union … but this is just another story! … and it sucks …

good luck to us all!

So Phia What means your music, your lyrics to you?

Fermina Dasa It’s more a fun fact I want to share with him: Herzeleid was released on 29 September, my birthday. Coincidence? I don’t think so. :)

Cheryl Adrienne Didur If I was guaranteed a straight answer, I would ask him what really happened to get him kicked off the swim team in 1978…

Peto Marmitta May I prepare and serve you coffee and breakfast in the morning?

Paul Swampy Manimal Collins If you were to eat Mein Teil, what part would you really eat first? (Editor’s note: LOL)

Glen Meti Wohin gehst du wohin?

Carina Guimarães Why so perfect ?

Ellen Heiman “Shall we shag now or shall we shag later?”

Peto Marmitta do you have coffee in the morning?

Bec Calvert I would ask him if he has thought about writing an autobiography about his journey from childhood to fame.. I know he loves his mother, she would be an interesting person to know about. The book would be a great read.

Barbara Mundell I would be too start struck to ask anything. But I’d love to thank him for all the band has meant to me.

Regina Kuipers Whit which band or person would you like to perform ? Even though that person is no longer alive ?

Jeanette Gangl What inspires you, to do what you do?

María Atiktimporta McNorton If you dint have Rammstein in your life, what would you be doing?

Gosia Allison-Kosior What would you like to get to drink?

Thomas Grogan I would ask about his time as an Olympic swimmer

Malicia Adeline Rosley Something like: how do you write your songs, what inspires you?

Martin Enten Georg In sight to your amazing being….which age of time would U live in? Newage, Middleage,….?
Because your sights, that U are singing to us, can not be out of our Age of time.


How is Rammstein unique? [Answers]

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We asked you the question ”How is Rammstein unique?” in our Till Lindemann page. Those are the answers chosen by our editors.
Thank your awesome answers!
Polina Ipatova It’s been about 17 years since I heard Rammstein on the radio for the first time. Listening to rockbands in sweet age of 15 I gave priority to erotic attraction and music drive. Now I am woman of 29 having a child and my love to Rammstein band and Till in particular has grown into some different feeling. Mocking at political issues, turning our sinful world up side down in creative form of story-telling is brilliant! Now I look at these 6 guys like at up-buttoned professionals, performers creative to the maximum, all-purpose actors and still the hottest men ever. Intelligence is hot… THEY know it and keep us all hypnotised under their powerful energy of Lust, Pain and Love. Stoert die Rue, die ganze Welt braucht es!
Stephanie Posey What Rammstein does is an art. Each song they do has a special meaning and when they perform on stage they always do something different but also something that honors the song..and I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m tired of seeing people like Miley Cyrus on EVERY single magazine cover for doing what?? Being a slut on stage? Rammstein worked hard to get where they are today and it just seems like now a days they let just ANYONE sing lol. Id much rather see Rammstein on magazines than anyone else
Sierra Lord real lyrics written by the sexiest poet in the world with the sexiest voice in the world with the best sound in the world. American music is garbage.
Lorena León Jaramillo Their sound is strong, particular, you can always recognize them. I love their pyrotechnics at concerts, too. I saw them at the Castello Scaligero in Verona 2 or 3 years ago and it has been really amazing. Great show!
Eric Adolfo Ortiz Garcia The way they connect with you, even if you don’t know what the lyrics mean, The voice of the lead singer, the way the instruments are played, the melodies, they cut through you and fill you up, they way they present themselves, and they make you like them even before you know who they are. And when you know who they are, and you see their videos, and the live concert recordings; and you see what they do, you just can’t help but love them and their art, their way of expressing it. And then; you experience a concert yourself, and they blow you out of this world, and you leave that concert loving them more, and thinking ” that was the best concert I have ever seen in my life “
Aron Jordan Scott fuck you we’re German and we kick ass that is all. (Editor’s note: LOL)
Gary Prescott The fact that they are an assault on the senses,you can see,hear,smell and feel them,greatest live act ever,and in the studio f**king superb.
Dean Warren Skull crushing guitar riffs and awesome live show been on every tour since mutter
Elena de Grimani Till is pure passion, with all the light and shadows that this means. And he don’t hide any white or black shades of this.
That makes him unique, and his writings (both in songs and poems) becomes a living experience for the reader.
Renée-Claude Morin They have the balls to sing in their own language even if the market would ask otherwise! And of course germanic tongues sound so freakin sexy and viril …ehehehe. Their videoclips are very strong symbolicaly and they dont mind ridiculizing themselves like in ‘Keine lust, …sorry for the spelling..i am french!
Camilla Rocha Every live presentation is unique, they always have something new to show or perform, unlike other bands you see around. Rammstein’s live performance is spectacular, with the pyrotechnics, costumes, sex appeal and everything else. Rammstein is uneven
Alex Haifisch Kanon Worley Rammstein works so hard on their live performances, and their lyric content is of the highest quality; for example most songs tell an intricate fairy tale story or convey a specific type of emotion, and those emotions range from unrequited love to sexual lust to blatant hate. They explore dark parts of the human experience and do so artistically in a raw way.
Merve Işık The other metal groups have not got Till Lindemann!!
ZynischeWirklichkeit Seidel I love how Rammstein doesn’t give in to the pressure of society. They continue to sing in German. They also push things to the edge. Rammstein has the balls to sing about whatever they want. Rammstein started my interest in learning German. I love the vocals. They can sound so calm one minute to so powerful the next.
Jan Steel Through their music they bring all the nations of the World together like no other Band can, they have the best and most devoted fans, we may not know how to speak German, but we can certainly sing it. They are not just musicians, they are Artists, their Stage presence is magnetic, they grab your attention and keep it there. No 2 Concerts are the same. They respect their fans so much. Forget all the crap that has been said about them over the years, to be open about sex, lust, porn is just being human. The Band are attractive to both Men and Women and that is what we need today, acceptance of all kinds of love, remember “Liebe ist für alle da!”.

Mafer Herrera It Turn’s you ON .. that’s it

John Thomas Barnes One thing that I really notice about Rammstein and how they stand out AND above most bands is the fact that they are CONSTANTLY working and producing material. These guys have some of my all time fav music videos too, they have so many conceot videos and NONE of them are stupid or cheesy!! Rammstein is my fav industrial metal band because of their EXTREME work ethic coupled with their INTENSE expression of our world today via the stage!! RAMMSTEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tuğrul Yılmaz Idea of fun, madness. Meaning of our philosophy. There r lots of things to say. Only one word isnt enough guyz. When i listen r+ songs i feel great and then the world starts to turn around me. Who can explain exactly our philosophy ha.
Lou Croft Rammsteins music and Tills vocals work across all languages even if you don’t speak German. it is emotional and powerful
Kathy Dunne The intensity of the songs….The complex and intricate music…The entertaining and amazing stage presence….And their way of speaking to the soul in any life situation…and finally, because it’s FUCKING FUN!!
Amira Moon Everything. The lyrics, the performances, the power behind Till’s voice & every guitar chord, drum beat & keyboard note. No other band can TOUCH the amazing beauty & perfection that is Rammstein!
Jean Johnston They give 150% to their fans and it is reciprocated by people all over the world. They appeal to different genders, ages, ethnicity. They are entertaining at an unbelievable level. All that and they absolutely ooze sex. I love them and feel so fortunate to have found their music in my life.
Rosalie Kaitlin They are consistently unafraid, not just of disturbing subjects but even of being silly. I respect their fearlessness above all others.
Martin Enten Georg Because Rammstein is not only music. 
I´ve showed it to my mother, as she once asked me: You´re listening to Rammstein, aren´t they Nazis as I´ve read in some newspapers?
I told her that they are not, and played for her the songs “Ohne dich” and “Du riechst so gut”.
She reads a lot of books, bestseller even like old literature….since I´ve told her what these songs are about, she´s an absolute Fan. Not of all Rammstein Songs, but most of these that have more lyrics.
She´s classifying Till Lindemann right to Goethe or Schiller.

U just need to listen…
Nancy Gauthier Till = Real Alpha Man and not afraid to show his profound soul emotion and smash it. The Band = A very remarkable musicians, they always give their best and on the right timing, you can feel that they like what they doing and appreciate their live as musicians. They are not boarded and neither egotistical, and the keyboard is incredibly an amazing genius. The Music/Songs = Good Release, you just want to pop-out the volume and let it blow your mind… J’adore
Charles Ruth Every album has it’s own feel. Further instruments are added to create a mood not commonly found in metal.



Till Lindemann's Biography

Till Lindemann’s Biography [Hidden Years]

Till Lindemann's Biography

Artwork by Elena de Grimani.

Till is a very private person. He shares very few details (just frustratingly general statements) about his life in interviews, so whether one is looking for information about his life now, or trying to find out about his past, one must become a bit of a detective.

There is only a span of about eight years between Till’s return home after being expelled from boarding school and his swimming career in 1978, and his first foray into the music scene in about 1986. While this isn’t a very long time, the teen years and early twenties are often very important in the continued development of one’s character, and the choices made then impact the rest of one’s life.
There are lovely insights about the sort of person Till was as a teenager, scattered throughout interviews given by his mother, Gitta, and in things written by or about his father, Werner. In some ways, he was no different than he was as a child; his affinity for the outdoors, for peace and quiet, to spend time alone with only his pets for company, his love for his family – these are mentioned in everything I can find about him, and seem to be enduring traits right to the present. His father, Werner, describes Till once running up to his Mom, and throwing her up in the air with a big, joyful grin plastered on his face (that grin we all love to see in pictures!). He then placed her down gently on the ground with extreme care to make sure she wouldn’t fall. This is the REAL Till Lindemann, in his mother’s words, from an article she wrote in 2008 (as translated by Iroto122):

Home – that is Mecklenburg. His motherland, his roots, his source of energy. Already as a teenager – he would stroll through the landscape, wake up in early hours and set off to the field, to cows, with the milker. Sleep under the open sky; listen to apples falling to the ground, ducks messing around in the pond. In the autumn, strolling in the woods, searching for mushrooms. In the winter, long walks through the snowy landscape, with a cat cradled in his jacket, tired of jumping from hill to hill.
And people. “Let’s talk about the past” he would ask his father and guests in Dorfkrug (where his father lived). How did they use to live back then? He sits – just like today – together with village people and listens to their dry-humoured ranting and stories.
He is gregarious, they seek his company. And it hasn’t got anything to do with his job. His father has written a book about him, there he speaks about his astonishment, that his friends confide everything in him. One of them wanted him to repair his Moped. Father asks, puzzled, “You mean…he can do it?” The boy answers, “Till can do everything.” Father thinks in disbelief, “Incredible.” He is surprised to see the Moped driving away into the distance after several minutes. “He can do everything. So much confidence. So much trust,” writes his father.
He evokes trust. It comes to my memory, when both of us (he was 15 or 16 back then) went for a walk and we had to pass by a bull. I was full of fear, he was probably scared as well, but he approached the animal, and cried to me, that I should always stay behind his back. Then we have to make our way through the stream. He places a desk (?) across, and helps me to the other side.

His mother’s love and pride shine through every memory she shares with her audience. Perhaps if his father had lived longer, he would have come to have a closer, more understanding relationship with his only son. How his parents must have despaired when they were at odds with him over the behavior that happened when they were not able to be where he was comfortable and at peace, when he was away from Mecklenburg and Dorfkrug, where his father’s cottage was located.
It seems that Till always preferred to work with his hands, as opposed to pursuing a white-collar career (can you imagine Till as an accountant or businessman?). His father’s astonishment at his ability to fix his friend’s Moped, as related above, seems to show that his skills were not school-taught, but rather self-taught. According to Werner’s memoirs, Till worked as a carpenter in his youth. Werner once paid him a visit in his teacher’s workshop and saw a “cherry tree beauty” – a flower pot that Till had carved to give to his mother as a Christmas present.

Werner and Gitta obviously taught their children about respect for their elders, and to be compassionate towards others. Till’s carpentry teacher, or tutor, was not a young man. In fact, Till came home one day outraged that none of his co-workers had congratulated the man on his 73rd birthday; he considered such behavior very rude. At the same time, the tutor’s wife was lying sick in a clinic, and none of them thought to pay her a visit. Till stated that “these people are no authority for me!” Evidence of fine character indeed!
There are many apocryphal stories about how terrible the relationship was between Till and his father that make it sound like they hated each other. Yes, they occasionally fought. And once the fight became physical – in the midst of an argument, Till pushed, and Werner fell down the stairs. Several days passed, and Werner was determined to go talk to Till, no matter what would happen next. He entered Till’s room, and they both said “Sorry” to each other at the same time. This is not a troubled relationship! This is a young man trying to find his way, and a father who only wants to help.

Yes, Werner tried to tell Till how to live his life, and yes, like any teenager, Till objected to what he saw as interference; he answered back, he wanted to make his own way. He rebuffed his Dad’s advice and told him to get lost. He was 19 at the time! What teenager does like to be told what to do by their parents?
Werner himself gave a lot of thought to why their relationship seemed so full of problems. He frequently analysed his own mistakes and shortcomings as a father. He would ask himself, “How do I become friends with my son? Why is there such a gap between us? Why can’t he be more easy-going? Should I be the moral drum? Perhaps I shouldn’t start to scratch before it itches. Maybe I shouldn’t be so pushy about some things.” This is a father who only wants what is best for his son.
Till evidently knew his father only wanted what was best for him, and he speaks of him with love. He tells us that, “I witnessed the death of a person I loved very much. My Dad died of stomach cancer. When he was dying, my Mom and I would stay by his bedside.” You don’t do that for an abusive parent, you do that for a parent who loves you.

Till doesn’t really talk about any part of his life before Rammstein unless really pressed for information. In the interview he did for Playboy in 2006, he mentioned that after he was sent home “It was horrible. When I still was in the swimming team I had swum 30 kilometres a day, getting up at five in the morning and in the evening I went to bed totally knackered. Now I had so much time to spend in the quarter with the cheap built houses and had to start fights to be accepted. And to drink lots of Schnapps, that counted.” It is little wonder that he clashed with both of his parents over his behavior at this time.

I have to wonder about his need to fight to be accepted. Was this not his home? Didn’t he belong? What was the issue that had to be settled by fighting? This seems so at odds with the descriptions we have just read. How could that gentle, loving young man also be a drinking, smoking, fighter? Is this one of those times when a lack of Western understanding of how things worked in the GDR has an impact on our ability to see the whole issue? As usual, he volunteers nothing.
He did sustain a knee injury while he was at the sports school. In the “Making of Du Riechst So Gut (1995) video” he mentions this very quickly, looking away from the camera, as if it is not something he really wants to talk about. I do not want to start any rumors about Till, but I do wonder if there are details about that injury and/or it’s treatment that might have had a detrimental effect on him, other than the obvious pain and suffering and numerous future surgeries he endured to deal with it. Or did something else happen during his years away from his loving and protective family that caused him harm?

I can find information that indicates that his inability to form lasting relationships goes way back to his teens – there is evidence that his endless string of girlfriends was a regular point of disagreement between Till and his parents. Their displeasure obviously had no impact on this behavior, and soon he ended up a father, then a husband (albeit the latter only briefly!).

He states in more than one interview that, of course, he wants love, but it never seems to work because he will not be tied to a single woman. I believe he is confusing lust and love, even sex and love. Basically, he tears the relationship apart by infidelity before it has enough substance to last. He can’t relax into a relationship and work to keep it together, and is always surprised and hurt when the woman leaves him. This seems at such odds with his overall personality otherwise that it is worthy of attention in a later article, as does his seeming need for physical pain.
When you look at all these factors together – drinking and smoking from an early age, fighting, serial infidelity, the penchant for self-harm, and the bleakness in so much of his writing – you do not have a picture that matches with the young man described by his mother and father in their memories of him as a child and youth.
These are all things that raise red flags in my mind. In any other young man, they would immediately make me think there was abuse happening in his life. We know Till was not abused in any way by his parents. That leaves the possibility of abuse during his years in sport school and boarding school. I make no accusations, but these things do not add up to a happy, well-adjusted young man ready to take on the world. They add up to a very troubled man, who by nature is quiet, introverted and shy, but acts out in very self-destructive ways. Till said in the Playboy interview that he had never expected to live to be 50 years old, and that it had never really mattered much to him. He even spoke of having a longing for death. Let’s hope that he has finally found that life is much too precious to long for it to end.

So it seems that perhaps “The Hidden Years” is a more apt title than I had anticipated when I chose it.

The years are hidden from us – we have no photos to share and talk about, no words from Till about what he did, or how he felt (unless his poems date from that period), we have only speculation and a few lovely memories shared by his parents. But it seems that part of the man has become hidden over the years as well.
Perhaps those nearest and dearest to him still see the Till his parents wrote about, I hope so. I hope he is still the real Till around his mother and his sister, with his children and his grandson, with his close friends, and yes, even with Sophia.
Perhaps it is just too difficult to let us see the real Till; after all, we are nameless faces snapping his picture without asking, invading his space, asking for autographs, asking questions…how overwhelming that must be for someone who just likes to lie on his back in the woods, gazing up at the sky and listening to the birds.
Sources consulted:

How is Rammstein important for their fans? [Answers]

                                                                                       Image by Giulia Roser

We asked you the question ”How is Rammstein important for you?” in our Till Lindemann Facebook page. Those are the answers chosen by our editors. There are lovely, motivational, funny and deep responses by you. Thank you for those answers and we wish you a day full of Rammstein!

Marsha Robeson To see that question, “How is Rammstein important for you?” I knew I couldn’t let it go by without answering. I first heard Du Hast back in 1997 or about and I immediately loved it. It had an awesome beat and just the right amount of “hard” that I like in my rock music. Rammstein became one of my new favorite bands then. Fast forward years later and my brother, Danny Maurice, got into Rammstein too. Even though I am 9 yrs older than him, we both liked the same music, a lot of it from the 90’s. To us, my brother and I, it wasn’t just about the sound but what the lyrics conveyed to us. The feeling and emotion that is projected with certain songs, along with the words, is something that each person owns. Rammstein became my brothers all time favorite band. He bought the CD’s, Videos, and he even learned to speak and write German. He shared with me all about the bands lives, their marriages, etc. They played such a huge part in his life. I would say he was a number one fan! We played his all time favorite song at his memorial last year, Sehnsucht. Danny would have laughed because when the music began to play, the pastor turned around and had this look of disbelief on his face like “Did the funeral director put on the wrong music?” I knew Danny was pleased and he was rockin to it somewhere. So why is Rammstein important for me? Rammstein is not just a band I love but they are a link to the life my brother had. His love of music and his love of an awesome band, they are one to me now. I can never think of Danny without thinking of Rammstein and I can never think of Rammstein without remembering Danny. Their music is something we enjoyed and shared. Rammstein was a part of our daily lives and will forever be present in the memories of my past and future. That’s why Rammstein is so important TO me.
Thaddeus Berry Rammstein, helps me get through my 10 hour work days.
Malte Wißdorf Rammstein on, World off
Cody LeBlanc Rammstein gets me through the long days of school and work. Can’t live without it!
Belinda Dewar Helps to brighten my day with their music!
Florian Samadan Rammstein isn´t just a Band. Rammstein is a sense of live and pure emotion. Every single word is meant honestly and awesome! The best german AND international band ever! Along these lines: “Blitzkrieg mit dem Fleischgewehr!”

Laura Conrad Thanks to Rammstein, I met my husband.

Susie Dixon He can knock forty of my sixty years off within minutes of playing his music…better than any plastic surgeon in the world!

Tamara Brajović Rammstein is one of the reasons I started learning german language… Jetzt ist deutsche Kultur meine beliebteste!!! \,,/,

Maria Spalding Thanks to Rammstein, I decided to learn German!

Mary Roth when i was 5 my dad every day listen Amerika. now, I was 16 and I every day listen each Rammstein’s songs ! so rammstein is the most important for me ‘couse that’s music of my childhood

Brina Kren Rammstein is like a personal drug to me… Whenever I’m sad,happy,broken or in a great mood they upgrade everything. Their music sends me to my happy place and I feel joy. Oh, and the music,lyrics are mind breaking and breath taking!
Anonymous Rammstein helped me keep my head up and be strong through a hard time  Since then my love for the band just have grown! There is just so much to it – so emotional and breathtaking.

Suzanne Kass-Bergeron Rammstein is so very important to me. I’ve raised my kids on their music, their music inspired me to improve my German, they inspired my son to learn to play guitar like Paul and Richard, my daughter to play bass like Ollie, and my husband to finally agree to a trip to Germany. Rammstein music dominates a good part of my life

Brianna Mckenzie Rammstein is important for me because it helps release my feelings when I am upset
Anders Larsson Rammstein is My familys favorites. We have been seeing them since Metal Town in 2006 when I put my then 8 year old son on top of a garbage can in the middle of the crowd until Bråvalla this year. They really deliver everytime and respect us fans. Big Love!

Heather Groven Ohne Dich is my wedding song! That makes them exponentially more important!!! I’ve shared my love of Rammstein with my hubby since finding out we both had all their albums in 2008 when we met. We’ve seen them live together twice and nothing would have fit our wedding better. I love Rammstein!

Michelle Twidwell The soundtrack to my life!

Jamie CosworthClown Mackenzie truthfully, it made me see Germans in a different light….yes i am the British guy that thought all Germans were still Nazi’s, sorry….so Rammstein made me relies they are not.

Barbara Mundell They gave me back my anger, my indignation, my strength, my power and fiercness at a time where Id lost everything to the worlds brutality. Im a fan, gratefully, forever. And Im an old woman. Id like to be their Fairy God Mother.

Johanna von Rothenburg I grew up with that band and I love them since I am 6 years old. It is not only the music it is a feeling. Rammstein let me remember the wonderful days of my childhood. My family loves Rammstein and the greatest thing is that my boyfriend loves Rammstein the same way as I do. To show how that guys really teached me what good music and great shows mean Ive got the logo tattood on my right arm. Rammstein is like the lyrics of Rammlied ” eine Legende”! I love them

Jarkko Jake Kivisalo I was working in “old” east germany in 1998 – 2004 and your music just hit me very hard with attitude, words and hard playing  (i am from Finland)

Margaret Cain Rammstein pumps my body and makes me happy…….they are the best natural drug ever.

Jacqueline M. Hines Rammstein has inspired me to work through the creative obstacles of being a practicing artist, be it visually, musically, or even aesthetically. One of the few bands that I can say that has and continues to inspire me are these six lovely German fellows.

Eric Swanepoel Rammstein is the reason why I as a South African fell in love with Germany and now speak Germany as a 3rd language.
Rosalie Kaitlin Their music makes me feel like a child again, listening to Grimm’s fairy tales. It’s a safe place to experience the darker side of humanity. And it makes me feel less guilty for natural human emotions and drives. It’s emotionally touching.
Anuschka Mesman listening to rammstein calmed me down when i had to deal with my husbands ptss when he came back from aghanistan. i listened to them a lot when i was pregnant and their music has the same effect on my daughter. it calms her down. she also likes te dance on it. thank you rammstein for making great music!

Stephanie Posey I listen to them on a daily basis, I hear their music and feel and know their words they are saying. They have inspired me to learn their language. I am a much stronger person because of them. I used to be a less outspoken person and would let others run over me but they give me the strength I need to stand up and push back. Their music is apart of my soul and always will be and when I hear them I feel complete. I saw them live and it was an amazing show and I do hope they come back to Texas soon. Thank you: Till, Richard, Paul, Oliver, Flake and Christoph for making such awesome music

Artem Sidrovich Rammstein shaped and pioneered an aesthetic, just like Laibach did before them. The art of bands like these unifies people from all walks of life. My first concert was Rammstein and it was a powerful experience to sing along the lyrics in German with thousands of other people who I knew I had at least one thing in common with.

Bec Calvert Rammstien are a totally unique and addictive sound. They can be soft and hardcore. And a bunch if Dam good looking eye candy.

Don Dehn i never knew they existed, untill i saw triple x with vin diesel, i heard the opening song by rammstein and had to find out who that band was, i have listen to them ever since, i totally love all thier songs, i am 50 years old, and very picky about what i listen to, rammstein will have a loyal fan forever,
Amy Kolterman My cousin, my family
Mel Smith They work hard and still as a band of strong minded men.. I respect them for that and they My idols. Danke.
Sudarshan Chetlur They are fearless, they are natural, they are just what everybody dreams of being – just simple human beings telling the truth. And truth is harsh…. indigestible!

Simi Danielle When i listen to Rammstein, i miss my daughter. She lives with her father at the moment. it takes me back to her headbanging to the music videos and repeating some of the lyrics she could understand. She is my little Rocker Baby , she basically grew up with Mommy always listening to it in the background. Even when i was pregnant, i sat outside the Stadium when Rammstein was in South-Africa.. i couldn’t go to the actual concert because i had a big belly then and would take a chance with her, but even sitting outside listening, i could feel her kicking inside my belly. Those used to be the happy day.



Gitta - Till Lindemann's mother

Till Lindemann’s Childhood and School Days

”Till Lindemann’s Life”

Gitta - Till Lindemann's mother

Till Lindemann and his mother

Part I – Childhood and School Days


In the spring of 1959, at the first Bitterfelder Konferenz, a young poet named Werner Lindemann (1926-1993) met the woman who would soon become his wife.  Her name was Brigitte Hildegarde (last name has eluded all efforts to track it down), better known to all as Gitta, already an accomplished writer and journalist.  Gitta recalled in a 2011 interview with Radio Audition that Werner constantly gazed at her during the presentation, and that he invited her to coffee afterwards.  Other details of their courtship are unknown, as is the date and location of their marriage.

Whenever and wherever they married, by the beginning of 1963, the happy couple lived in Leipzig, East Germany.  They welcomed their first child, a boy named Till, on January 4, 1963.  Sometime later, the family moved to the village of Wendisch-Rambow near Schwerin were Till and his younger sister Saskia, who was born six years later, grew up.

There is almost no specific information available about Till’s childhood – he just doesn’t seem to talk about it, as one would expect of a man who doesn’t see himself as anything exceptional, though interviews and written works by both of his parents give us the impression that he was a normal child, doing the sorts of things all children do.  They tell us that he loved (and loves) his family, was the sort of boy who rescued injured animals and brought them home to take care of them, surrounded himself with pets, and did all the kinds of things a child is supposed to do growing up.

There are indications that even as a child, he was aware of the world around him, and the inspiration that could be found there for artistic expression in one form or another.  In one article Till’s father Werner states that Till wrote his first poem at the age of nine, called “Nutcracker”; it didn’t sound as though Werner meant a school assignment either, but rather a poem written because Till needed to write it and had something to say.  His father recalled a rainy day with a rainbow forming when a very young Till looked out and said, “The meadow is crying”, and a night when little Till looked up at a gibbous moon and remarked that the moon was “broken”.  Not earth-shaking, just the sort of things an observant little boy would say to a father who took the time to share these things with him.

While no mention of Till’s early schooling is made in any interviews or articles reviewed for this biography,  it is perhaps safe to assume that, like all the other children in the area, he attended primary school in his home village of Wendisch-Rambow until he was 11 years old (in 1974).  He attended a sports school at the Empor Rostock Sport Club from the age of 11 until he was 14 (1974-1977) where he became an elite competitive swimmer.  Till has gone on record stating, “I never liked the sport school actually, it was very intense. But as a child you don’t object.”

Parents’ Separate Lives

In 1975, while Till was attending the Empor Rostock Sport Club, his parents began living separately for career and family reasons.  His father Werner moved to a small cottage in the country that the family owned (some articles call it a farmhouse) because he liked the quiet there, and wanted to be able to write his poetry and books in peace.  Living in the town all the time caused him a lot of stress.  He took long walks in the woods to seek inspiration, leaving his notebooks all over the house.  At the time, Till had no real interest in writing, “But it stayed by me.  I told my Dad that I could change my mind one day and become a writer, which I actually did at some point.”

There was also the question of Saskia’s schooling – Werner stated that his dear daughter would have had a long way to go to school if she were always in the village.  As with Till’s early school days, nothing is to be found about where she went to school, but considering Till was sent to school away from his home village, perhaps Saskia was as well.  In fact, so little is published about her that even her name was found in only one article which quotes Werner speaking about her.  Either way, Werner and Saskia went to live in the cottage in the woods, and Gitta, as a journalist continued to live in town.  Werner would come to town frequently, but did not stay there.  The family was often together on weekends when they were indeed a happy, united family.  In the 2011 Radio Audition interview, Gitta explains that ‘they would always live very happily as a family, but they were individuals and wanted to make the most of themselves and fulfill their aims.’  At no time did Werner and Gitta divorce, so there was never an American step-father in Till’s and Saskia’s lives, as some have claimed.

This also seems to be the place to state that, though Werner did indeed have an alcohol problem for a short time, he dealt with it and was a non-drinker for the rest of his life, not even indulging in the traditional holiday toasts.  There were no drunken beatings, and there is no indication that Till or Saskia were ever abused in any way by either parent.

To Boarding School

I have found conflicting (or duplicated) accounts of the events that seem to have got Till expelled from the sport school and sent on to boarding school.  Without clarification from Till or others involved, we may never sort it out.  Perhaps he did indeed slip away from two different hotels in two different cities on two different swim trips to go explore the night life of the West, and got two different reprimands, the first time a trip to boarding school and the second time, expulsion from both the swim team and boarding school.

One account describes the incident as occurring when Till was 14 years old.  He was on a swimming trip to France with his school team and decided to sneak out of the hotel at night to go exploring the city, and of course, he was caught and promptly shipped off to a boarding school, the name and location of which I cannot find anywhere.

Another account, which seems to take details both from the previous account and from the one which follows this one, was related in an interview with Schneider.  He recalled, “Till was part of Germany’s swimming team in the European Championships when he was 13 or 14.  They went to Italy but it was still Communist times and he left the hotel without permission to buy some porn magazines and got caught.  I think they excluded him from the team for that.”

Neither of these seems quite right.  Till did indeed continue swimming after he was sent to boarding school, and in 1978 (at the age of 15, not 13 or 14) he was a participant in the European Junior Swimming Championships in Florence, Italy.  He finished 11th in the 1500 metre freestyle, and seventh in the 400 metre freestyle swimming with a time of 4’17″58.  As a result he was soon shortlisted for the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, though he never made it there.

In the interview published in the January 2006 German edition of Playboy Magazine, Till explains about the incident in Italy, “I did not want to flee, I only wanted to have a look at town.  The cars, the bikes, the girls.  They caught me and I was thrown out of the team, but I also did not fulfill the required results.”  A look at the record winning times of the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow bears out this assessment.

Till goes on to say that being thrown of the team “was horrible.  When I still was in the swimming team I had swum 30 kilometres a day, getting up at five in the morning and in the evening I went to bed totally knackered.  Now I had so much time to spend in the quarter with the cheap built houses and had to start fights to be accepted.  And to drink lots of Schnapps, that counted.”

There is no indication whether he was allowed to finish out the school year after being kicked off the swimming team, nor are any details about the torn stomach muscle Till says gave him the opportunity to quit swimming competitively.  But one way or another, at about 15 years of age, he found himself back home with his mother, without a clear direction to go in his life.



Sources consulted:

rammstein concert

Stefan’s Concert Experience

Rammstein Rammstein Rammstein… I will never be able to forget that day when the crowd was screaming their names with absolute power and awe… it was a moment where I stood still and tried to vision that this might be a dream, but then my friend bumped into me and the fact that it is real became truth… This band has been one of the bands I’ve dreamt of seeing live, and never did I knew that they will be setting feet on my home country… at first, I thought it was a joke, then I checked the internet… and it became real… Rammstein was coming to South Africa… I remember the feeling of excitement that started to build up as I keep browsing through their website and look at videos online of live shows… and I couldn’t get my mind around the fact that I was going to see them live…

Months have passed as I waited for the day to come… I have prepared everything, I had my Rammstein t-shirt, especially ordered from their website for this show… I’ve forced all their lyrics into my brain just for that one concert… I was ready as ever can be…

So the day arrived and I’ve never felt more excitement in my life, I knew that I was going to see something truly amazing, and this is something I knew very well…  See, the reason why this moment was so big to me, is simply because I have tried to bring Rammstein to South Africa before, and I failed to do so as I was told by investors that music simply doesn’t make money… And I knew they were wrong, me and my friend spend more than 4 months planning and getting our business proposal ready just so that rich people can shoot it down… We had everything in place, we knew what everything was going to cost us and we even had MTV on board to help with marketing, but music simply doesn’t make money in South Africa… this is what we have been told over and over… In South Africa our music generation is climbing out of the gutter, and only now… it’s taken years for people to realize that music actually generates money, and not just that… but people would gladly pay to see something truly amazing… We had a rough battle for 6 months and eventually we had to give up, people were ignorant and didn’t want to help… so the day I saw that Rammstein was coming to South Africa, I looked at my friend, and we both started laughing… because we knew that out there is people just like us, thinking in the same way…

So the day arrived and I felt like I was going to scream of pure excitement, I had my t-shirt on, Rammstein tunes pumping in my headphones… I was getting myself ready for the best show I have ever seen…  I arrived at the venue, and there was thousands of people with the exact same thought as me, I felt like I found home for the very first time… and to anyone out there, that feeling is one of the best feelings you will ever have, it was overwhelming and I couldn’t describe it to anyone…

There were three loud bangs and suddenly the German flag over the whole stage that followed with another bang and Rammstein was on stage… people freaked out! Screaming in the thousands roaring with excitement… Because we finally saw what we all came out to see… and still till today, that feeling is indescribable… the flames, the lights, the passion… all in one dose of energy… and right at that moment I thought to myself that this is what we as humans feed on, that pure energy… and Rammstein is part of that unique code of energy that unlocks within ourselves… Realizing of what you see with that amount of energy and passion is almost too much for our minds to take it in, but I did… and still till today… nothing has beat that… I’ve seen many bands live in my days, and still today… NOTHING beats what I saw that night…. Energy, passion, art and beauty… all in one thing… this could only be the same as love should be… and that would be my message… even though Rammstein seems as a hard-core metal weird band, they still show us that we too can be unique in our own way, that we can express ourselves to any level…

Therfore Rammstein, I Thank You…



Till Lindemann’s Career

Till Lindemann was born in January 4th 1963. He didn’t like school so much, in fact, he was interested in art, specifically in writing and music.  Till joined his friends to play on weekends in ambulant stages with non-professional bands.

In 1988, he started playing drums with his first band called First Arsch, which had a Punk style and recorded an album called “Saddle Up”.  One day, Till played with Richard Kruspe and Paul Landers on stage, Lindemann sang and played bass and they discovered that their whole sound was impressive, so Richard insisted in starting a project where Till could be the singer.

Lindemann left First Arsch and started the project.  Rammstein was the name of the new band; their purpose was to have a characteristic and different sound.  Their original members were Richard Kruspe, Christoph Schneider, Oliver Riedel and Till Lindemann.

These four guys began borrowing musical instruments and without having a specific place to compose, in 1994 decided to send a four-track demo to a contest, they won and had the chance to record in a professional studio. Paul Landers and Christian Lorenz joined the band in this new phase, complementing in a great way the Rammstein concept.

The role that Till Lindemann plays in the creative process of the band is songwriting, activity that he started developing in the early 90’s and keeps doing nowadays, anyway, the other members of the band give their approval before letting a Lindemann lyric be the final version of any song.

Till continued with his passion for writing by publishing a 54 poems book called “Messer” in November 2002.

Till has had several experiences throughout his career in which he had made important decisions like getting prepared as a qualified pyrotechnic, giving the live shows a high safety level and stopped consuming drugs when he realized how bad his physical and mental health had been damaged and affected his professional growth.